At GBCA & Associates LLP, opportunities are endless and so are the challenges and rewards. For a team of highly qualified, professional, competitive members, who are fueled by collaboration, we are looking for experienced resource. We believe in challenging and exciting young minds.

  • Chartered Accountants.
  • Semi-Qualified & Others
  • Articleship at GBCA

    We, at GBCA, believe in positive teamwork and opportunity for all. We strive for growth and experience for everyone part of the team. Since foundation, over 232 Articles have cleared as Chartered Accountants till 2020 and in the last 5 years, there have been 12 All India Rankers (AIRs) at CA Final Exams.

    In these dynamic times, we have taken utmost care towards the health of our personnel by shifting to an online network for Work From Home (WFH) which we expect to be followed for coming months as well.

    • We have a documented WFH policy at office level.
    • For a reasonable period from now we expect physical attendance at office for not more than 2 to 3 days in a week.
    • As far as possible, our endeavour is to allocate Articles to client locations which are closer to their residence.
    • Strict social distancing norms
      • Limited number of people in office at any given time
      • Compulsory use of mask
      • Use of disinfectants
      • Placement of hand-sanitizers
    • Dedicated working hours are implemented to ensure least disruption in client service
    • In case presence is needed at office, use of mass transport is, as far as possible, avoided keeping in mind the safety of the traveller and those in office.
    • Training forms an essential part of an article’s journey to grow as a true professional, which is challenging in WFH scenario. We undertake virtual training for our Articles on various topics.
    • We engage in virtual team meetings to connect regularly on work and general updates.
    • At GBCA, we also arrange interactive and recreation events.
    • At GBCA we believe that the Articelship period is the formative period for a successful professional career. Within the given restraints of time, circumstances, experience and knowledge-volume, it is our endeavour to give the best possible exposure in the limited time frame of Articleship, which is also dependent upon the initiative and dedication displayed. On academic and administrative front too, it is our endeavour to support the cause of the article students.
    • Value system and culture are close to our hearts which we strive to maintain even in these competitive environment, dedication and talent is given due recognition. That majority of the partners today are past articles of the firm is an evidence of this culture.
Articleship at GBCA