Nothing is permanent - change is the only constant

The complexities surrounding any transactions of business combination, restructuring, value unlocking or investment decision are subject to many complexities of internal and external environments. These complexities are further compounded on account of maze of complex legal requirements and diverse objectives to be achieved. We work with an objective of optimising and bringing about efficiencies, savings and value to complex merger, acquisition, restructurings, investment or divestment decisions and implementation.

Structuring and implementation of
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Demerger
  • Slump sale
  • Corporatisation of firm/LLP
  • Conversion of Company to LLP
  • Streamlining of group structure for desired shareholding
  • Reconstitution of firm/LLP

Advising on complex transactions with all round solution considering Taxation laws, Companies Act, LLP Act, Partnership Act, Foreign Exchange laws and listing regulations etc.

Advising on efficient mode of value unlocking, buy back, bonus, capital reduction, stake sale etc.

Valuations for Merger/Demerger, Inbound and Outbound Investments, Acquisitions/Divestment, Purchase Price Allocations, Brand/Intangibles, IFRS/Ind AS, Impairment Testing, ESOPs/Options, Open Offer / Delisting, Buyback of Shares etc.

Assistance in negotiations and preparation of definitive agreements and resolution plan, assistance in implementation of Resolution plan from accounting and taxation perspective

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