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At GBCA, we understand that a combination of your determination, attitude, innovation, persistence and hard work has helped you create wealth. As the needs of a family mature across wealth and governance, families increasingly seek more than just regular compliance services. We use state-of-the-art technology platforms, infrastructure, peer networks and the expertise to build holistic and innovative solutions for your family to compare your actual financial affairs with your desired financial plans and to serve as a one stop solution for all your tax and regulatory requirements.We offer proactive solutions focussing on your specific requirement.

We offer complete compliance and advisory services ensuring timely compliance with various statutes including :

  • Income tax (Domestic and International)
  • TDS
  • GST
  • Profession tax

Our services include accounting on periodic basis using latest available technology. We aim at providing reliable accounting and book keeping which helps to provide relevant information to families in a timely manner.

Our platform helps to consolidate your entire Balance Sheet across multiple asset classes. This will help you evaluate your net wealth and hold all advisors accountable for achieving their respective investment targets and also maintain a strong focus on overall risk management.

Succession planning is a sensitive and often overlooked subject. Distribution of wealth and how the wealth should be made available to the successors is an important process. Your unique wishes on succession can be addressed through a well thought out combination of gifting of assets, preparation of wills, formation of private trusts and family arrangements and family agreements. We are committed to assisting you in crafting a personalised succession plan for an enduring legacy in the most efficient manner.

We also assist in digitalization of your important documents for easy and convenient retrieval.

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