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Simplicity in taxation system is an illusionary maxim, rarely achieved. The ever changing economic environment and complexities fuel complexities in more than one way. In terms of trade in goods and services the world is continuously shrinking on the back of the evolving technologies which have also invaded the homes. The convergence of technologies, changing canvass of supply chains with evolution of technology that facilitates last mile efficient deliveries has at times distorted the middle level of this chain to almost unrecognisable levels.

Our team thoroughly analyses the direct tax laws to offer timely tax advice on complex matters to resolve your tax dilemma and mitigate the associated risks and also provides opinion on direct tax related queries from clients.

Tax planning is mainly understanding of various business taxes liable to pay and looking at ways and means in a manner such that it make business more tax efficient. Tax Compliance is crucial to avoid the probable obligations due to the ever changing standards. Our team provides comprehensive guidance towards the impact of tax laws and its compliance within the four corners of law.

We offer a wide range of legal services for disputes pertaining to scrutiny assessment proceedings, re-assessment proceedings, search proceedings, revision proceedings, TDS proceedings and penalty proceedings. Our team with quality standards of technical skill and knowledge represents before various forums including CIT(A) and ITAT to assist clients steer through disputes efficiently.

To the accelerating requirements of various financial institutions, we provide certifications in accordance with the provisions and rules of the respective statute.

  • Evaluating applicability of Indian Transfer Pricing provisions on intercompany international transactions
  • Assistance in setting up business/operational mode, Initial Transfer Pricing Study and benchmarking
  • Transfer Pricing Audit/Certification
  • Assistance in Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) and Master File reporting requirements
  • Transfer Pricing Assessments and Appeals including representation before DRP and Assistance in relation to Safe Harbour Application

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