November 2022

Cross Border Insights - November 2022

Considering the changing competitive, regulatory and market landscape, India has taken a positive stance by liberalizing overseas investments which we had covered in the previous Newsletter. Having understood the nuances of the new Overseas Investment Rules and Regulations, it is now time to delve into the upcoming compliances in relation to such Overseas Investment. 
While the focus was on changes in overseas investment regulations, it is also pertinent to note on the domestic front India has paved way for MSMEs by introducing separate insolvency resolution process mechanism for small businesses. Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process takes us one step forward in supporting small businesses/ entrepreneurs in India. 
We hope you had a great celebration for Dussehra and Diwali filled with joy and zeal. With same amount of enthusiasm we present our Bimonthly Newsletter – GBCA Crossborder Insights - Tax & Regulatory Edge focusing on various issues, controversies and recent trends in the areas of FEMA, International Tax & Transaction Advisory.  
Key Highlights of November 2022 Newsletter Issue are as under:  

•            Annual Performance Report (APR) for ODI in Foreign Entity 

•            Gift of Foreign Securities to Resident Individual in India 

•            Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process (PPIRP) 

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