Wills in the time of COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased interest in succession planning including through wills. However, there are considerable practical and legal challenges to consider when making a will while social distancing, isolation or quarantine measures are in place.

Following are some measures that may guide the testator while preparing his/her WILL during this pandemic:

  • Seek professional consultation while drafting your WILL either via call/email or zoom meeting to avoid confusion.
  • The WILL must be signed by the testator and by two witnesses to make it a valid WILL.
  • Registration of WILLs is not compulsory.
  • WILLs need not be in English.
  • Handwritten WILLs are recognised by the law. However, to ensure legible handwriting and to avoid spelling errors.
  • Doctor's certificate may be taken and attached to the WILL.

We, at GBCA, would be happy to assist you with an end to end solution while drafting your WILL.

Wills in the time of COVID-19
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